A-to-Z Tasting Tour of the World

Interval World Magazine published a tasty article, ‘Around the World in 26 Dishes’.  The article asked ‘What’s your favorite vacation activity?’ and answered ‘For most travelers, that would be eating.’  Amen to that!  North American dishes mentioned wisely included ‘She-Crab Soup’ from South Carolina Lowcountry describing it:

‘rich creamy soup is based on fish stock, crab meat, and crab roe. Traditionally, the roe was the hallmark ingredient; thus the reference to she. The gender of the crab, however, is irrelevant to the tasty meal.’

The article listed a food from A-Z.  Representing ‘A’ was Arroz Con Pollo, one of my favorites (from Latin America) and ‘Z’ was Zaatar (from Middle East).

Other North American selections included Beignets from New Orleans, Key Lime Pie from Florida, and Lomi-Lomi from Hawaii.

What are some dishes that would represent YOUR favorite A-to-Z Tasting Tour?

(I don’t see the article OR the magazine online.  The company Website is IntervalWorld.com.)

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