Charleston Artists and Galleries

Charleston, S.C. is blessed to have wonderful art galleries and shows displaying the art of equally wonderful artists.  The beauty of the coast, of the ‘Holy City’ landscape and architecture as well as the historical interest of Charleston are a magnet to artists.   Remember that life is not easy for many of the artists OR the galleries.  “Starving Artists’ is not just a saying – it is a reality without the support of art lovers.  Artists have passion that drives them to create but they also have to have income that puts food on their plate and a roof over their head.

The Charleston Artist Guild provides lots of information on the artists and the Galleries of the Lowcountry.

CharlestonShines is proud to provide information about the art galleries, exhibits and shows.   If you know of one of these that is not featured please let us know.  Email us about galleries that you’d like to see featured.  You can easily upload information about exhibits and show –